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How do I delete my Record Union account?

If for some reason you would like to delete your account on Record Union, please contact our Support team so they can assist you.

To contact our Support team, either log in and use the messenger in-app to reach out, or email us at support@recordunion.com.
If you are not logged in, remember to mention which email address is associated with the account you would like to delete.

Important things to consider before deleting your account

• If you have any active releases: Please remove them by going to “Releases”, “Manage Music”, “Actions”, “Take-down”.  This will stop the subscription for the active releases and remove them from the stores.

• If you have published music from this account but recently deleted it, we advise you to wait 3 months until we delete your account. This is because the royalty payments keep coming in three months after the music has been taken down. If your account was to be deleted we would have no place to pay out these royalties to.

• If you have never used your account, or have had no active releases in the past 4 months - let us know and we will delete your account for you.

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