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What is a yearly subscription?

Each release needs a subscription. This is a recurring payment that renews automatically every 1, 3 or 5 years and is required as long as you wish Record Union to collect royalties and data for your release.

The subscription starts when you upload, publish and pay for your release on the Record Union website. This initial payment covers the first period of distribution for this release to those services you have chosen. This subscription will automatically renew, providing you do not suspend your subscription or cancel your distribution by taking down the release.

Managing subscriptions

Your subscriptions can be managed by you on the "Manage Music" page under the "Subscriptions" section. Here you can view all the subscriptions for the releases you have published on Record Union, see when they expire, suspend subscriptions and also takedown down your release.

To make sure you do not forget your subscriptions we will send email notifications leading up to the date they will renew.

Suspending or removing a release

Suspending your subscription or allowing it to expire will remove the automatic cost, but will not remove your music from all the platforms. You will no longer collect royalties, but you can pick it up at any time without having to upload again.

If you want remove the releases from the stores as well, you need to request a tae down. This both removes the release and cancels the automatic subscription payments.

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