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How do I format my files to the WAV file type?

Music published on Record Union needs to be uploaded in WAV format (16bit, 44,1 khz). WAV is a high quality audio format and the type of sound file that we are required to deliver to the different digital music services we distribute to. The WAV file cannot be larger than 200MB.

Reformatting files to WAV

If you have your recordings in another format, then you will need to reformat these to WAV in order to upload them on the Record Union website.

There are many different ways of doing this but below we outline 2 of the most straightforward ones.

Using iTunes.

iTunes enable you to reformat audio files to and from a number of different file types, here is a handy guide which explains how to do this.

Using Audacity

If you do not have iTunes installed, then you can also use a free audio program called Audacity. Simply download and install the program, open the sound file and click "File" and then "Export". You will then be able to specify 16bit WAV format.


When reformatting audio files its always important to listen through the newly created file carefully. There is always a small risk that the audio track becomes damaged or the levels become altered. Listening through to the track will enable you to detect this.

We also strongly suggest not to reformat files from a lesser quality sound type such as MP3 as this this will not result in optimal sound quality. The higher the quality of the sound file your reformat from the better.

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