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Setting a future release date - what you need to know

So, you are publishing a new release on Record Union and want to set a future release date. Awesome!

This article will give you some more information about this and some of the things you should think about before doing so.

About release dates

A release date lets you control when your fans and listeners will get access to your release on the digital services you choose to distribute to.

With a release date set in the future the digital services will not make your music available right away - they will wait until the release date that you have chosen before making it available for purchase or streaming.

Having a release date can be great for promotional purposes as its makes it easier to coordinate marketing activities and mobilize fans and listeners leading up to a new release.

How to set a release date

Release dates can be set when you publish a new release on Record Union. The main release date is set on the ""Create a new Release"" page - this controls the general release date that all digital services will use. On the ""Release date & Territories"" section chose to make your music available ""On a specific date"".

Later on you can also set release dates for specific services - for example, if you want your music to become available on one digital services before another one. Setting these store specific release dates is done of the ""Choose Stores"" page.

When to set a release date

Now, there is one golden rule to setting a release date. It needs to be set far enough away in time so that the services you are distributing to can process and make your music available in time for the release date.

Some services take just a few days to make new music available (in which case a release date 1 week away would work fine). Some services though can taken 2-3 weeks to process new music - this means that a release date 1 week away is not optimal as your music would not probably not become available on the date you set.

As a general rule we suggest you publish your music at least 4 weeks before the release date you want.

However, if you are only setting it for a few stores then the table below will help you find out when you can latest upload your music to get make sure its available on time.

Digital service
Approximate processing time
Publish music latest
Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer
3-7 days
1 week before release date
Tidal/Wimp, Rdio, Nokia MixRadio, Beatport, Simfy, 7Digital 1-2 weeks 2 weeks before release date
24/ 7 portals, Rhapsody, Emusic, Vidzone Portals 2-3 weeks 3 weeks before release date

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