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Setting up pre-order tracks - what you need to know

This article will cover everything you need to know about setting up a pre-order campaign.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is when you make a track (or tracks) available for sale before your official release date. On the release date, that "preorder" track will then be made available to them. In the case of iTunes, you can even enable fans to get the track right away - see the iTunes "instant gratification" below.

Which digital stores support this option?

Currently, it is supported by the following services: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and 7Digital. If you distribute pre-order tracks to stores which don't support the option your release (and all the tracks) will become available on the release date you have set.

So, why is a pre-order good?

Pre-orders can be a good marketing tool. Here is a quick overview of the some of the benefits:
  • Engage fans: Pre-order can be used as a way to engage fans and create activity around an album before the actual release date.
  • Market more effectively: You can promote the release with a link to e.g. iTunes before the release date
  • Automatic download: Fans who pre-order your release will automatically get it on the release date.
  • Charts: If you are looking for chart placements on specific download stores then rest assured that your pre-order sales count towards this.

How do i set a pre-order?

Setting up pre-order for your tracks is done on the "Edit Tracks" page when you publish a new release. You can enable preorder on the "Other Stuff" section when you have a track selected.

When you enable this option for your track you will see a bunch of new settings. Here is an overview of what they are about:

Release date: This is the date that you set when you added your release date. It controls when all the tracks on your release become available. We have added it on this page as well in case you want to update this when setting up your pre-order campaign.

Preorder date: This is the date from when your fans can buy your pre-order tracks. Note that this date applies to all your preorder tracks - you cant set different preorder dates for different stores.

Preorder preview: This controls whether fans can listen to a preview of the track during the preorder period.

iTunes Preorder type: iTunes offer 2 types of pre-orders. The standard one where fans get the purchased pre-order track on the release date. They also offer "Instand Gratification" pre-order. With this set. your fans will be able to buy the track and donwload it there and then - they wont need to wait for the release date.

Good to keep in mind

Remember that it can take time (up to 1-2 weeks) for your music to be processed and become available on the he digital services we distribute to. If you set a release date or preorder date too soon (say, 3 days from when you pulish your release) there is a chance that your release wont be processed or become available in time.

We suggest publishing your music on Record Union at least 2 weeks before your pre-order or release date.

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