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Help with formatting artwork so its the right size

About artwork

When releasing music on Record Union you have the option to upload an artwork image. This artwork will be associated with your release on the different digital music services your music becomes available on. 

The size and format of the cover artwork needs to follow these specifications:

- Image must be square (i.e. same length on all sides)

- The size must be at least 1400 x 1400 pixels.

- The file format needs to be JPG or PNG format

Getting cover artwork in the right size

If you are not familiar with pixels or have worked with graphic design programs such as Photoshop then getting the image in the right format can be a little tricky. 

There are loads of programs which can help you resize images but below we have some instructions for how do it with simple and free imaging programs for MAC and Windows operating systems.

Resize using Paintbrush (for mac)

If you are a Mac user you should have a free program called "Paintbrush" installed on your computer. If not, downloading it should take a few minutes. Open your image in this program and click "Save as" - you can then specific 1400 x 1400 pixels as the size.

Resize using Windows Paint

Windows Paint comes pre installed on all Windows computers. Open your image in this program, click "CTRL + A" to select the whole image. Then click "Resize" in the top menu and choose 1600 for the horizontal and vertical height.

If your image was already square then it will be the correct size. If your image was not square then you will need to unpick the "maintain aspect proportions".

Still cant get the right size? Ask someone

If this all seems like a big pain then your best bet is to ask that friend of yours who happens to be a graphical designer or know a thing or two about image programs. They will be able to fix this for you within 30 seconds.

Important note

If you resize a small image and make it a lot bigger then it will loose quality and become pixelated. Ideally you need your cover art to be larger than 1400 x 1400 pixels when you start off.

If you have a rectangular image (say 9000 x 1400 pixels) and make it 1400 x 1400 pixels them the image will be squashed and look weird. To avoid this, it is important the the cover artwork you want to use i square(ish) to start off.

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