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How do I see my streaming and download stats?

Your sales will be viewable in your sales report, 3 months after you have published a release. The music services then collect, package and send the data to us. After that, our sales department needs to import all the data into our system and sort them by service, type of sale and currency, before we can payout the royalties to all of our artists. That's why it takes 3 months to secure the numbers and pay out the correct amounts.

So for example, all the data from January is available at the end of April.

You can view all the data on your releases using the Sales Performance tool. This will give you a detailed breakdown of the music sales generated by artists, releases and songs connected to your account. It is updated every month when we process new sales reports from digital services.

For Spotify, we can provide even more up-to-date information and data, which you can find using Spotify Trends.

For more information about Spotify Trends, click here.

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